Do I need to go to a regular gym, get in shape first, and then join MMA after?

No. MMA training will get you in shape.MMA training is an amazing high intensity fat burning workout. Also, the diet of a person plays a huge role. Self control and restraint is a huge part of that training. It is a very simple thing. If you overeat you cannot train! 

 Is it a violent sport? 

No. It is a very peaceful environment. MMA training is for people who want to grow both physically and mentally in a non-combat environment. Children can benefit a lot from that type of training while understanding that physical violence is not the answer. The violence is just an expression of the anger.

Is it a man only sport?

 Not at all, this is just a myth. The sport is immensely popular and more and more women are getting involved. 

Do i need a health checkup before enrolling?

We encourage you to have a regular health checkup atleast once a year. However, we request you to provide your medical reports if you have gone through any major surgery or have any exisiting ailments.